[VisCom] RFI editing

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu May 4 18:18:26 EDT 2006

dear Ned, all,

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 05:10:28PM -0400, Ned Horning wrote:
> Thanks for the offer Jo. I would suggest that all contributions should be
> finished by 11:00 AM EDT tomorrow (Friday) so you have time to go through
> this and we can address issues that pop up and send it in before 3:00 PM. 

I have a long-needed appointment with an oral surgeon at 1:00 EDT :/
though I am likely to be back by 2:30. I can put in some basic copy-editing
this evening, and check it out again after tomorrow morning's board meeting.
I see the final deadline for receipt of fully fashioned 'Word 2000 or
higher' document is 5:00 EDT.   

After a quick look; it is not obligatory to respond to the scenario
sections; so leaving them out makes sense; but in that case, the doc should 
definitely supply something more in the 'Additional Information' part. 

There are a couple of questions in the "Lifecycle" section which need 
either a response, or a rationale for why no response is being
offered. Offering the former should be easier than the latter really ;)
The first of these questions (about specific data themes in which cost
savings / efficiency gains can be achieved) is perhaps out of scope
for OSGeo, but the second one ([[ 2.2.10 What are the incentives and
disincentives for participation in geospatial coordination and
optimization as a collaboration partner, a customer and as a service
provider? ]]) I think deserves a full answer. 

Ned, you comment on the talk page, 'Sections 2.2.4, 2.2.6, and 2.2.7 
have interesting text but I'm not sure it fits well with the question at hand.' 
I see the point with 2.2.4; 2.2.7 looks like it needs a little more
detail and structuring in order to visibly answer the question. 
I wonder why you don't see the answer to 2.2.6 as fit to the question,
though? (About the 'top three risks' in co-ordinating use of geodata).

> I added some comments in the "discussion" section of the wiki and it would
> be good if someone (perhaps a board member?) could respond to this. 

I don't know whether it really does make a difference whether the
contact person / representative is a US citizen or not.

I added an item to tomorrow's board meeting agenda, re 'volunteering' 
someone to be contact person and sender/signee for this document. 

good luck!


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