[VisCom] Re: OSGF at Where 2.0

Nathan Torkington gnat at oreilly.com
Thu May 4 20:45:20 EDT 2006

On 5/05/2006, at 7:32 AM, Chris Holmes wrote:
> Hey, have you extended the invitation to WorldWind yet?  It looks  
> like I spoke too soon on behalf of OSGeo, emails didn't properly go  
> out, and we're figuring it out now.  If you already gave worldwind  
> the go ahead perhaps we could make that slot a lightning talk one  
> and include with WW a couple other OSGeo projects that don't  
> currently have a slot, like MapServer, MapBuilder, OSSIM, or  
> MapBender...  This wouldn't be OSGeo focused, but would give us a  
> chance to highlight some of the cool work being done within the  
> org, the projects that us inside the wider Open Source GIS  
> community feel are doing great things.  I think this will be more  
> compelling than nitty gritty details, it will be focused on useable  
> open source projects that people can get value out of right now.
> More soon, I apologize for jumping the gun on this, we're still  
> sorting out what it means to be a 'foundation', and who can say  
> what with which decision process.

No worries.  I've not talked to Worldwind yet.

All sessions at OSCON, except for three keynotes, are 15m long.   
AutoDesk will have a 15m session.  I've currently got OSGeo down for  
a 15m session, that's the one I've been eyeing for WorldWind.

I have a session for three open source lightning talks scheduled for  
right after the AutoDesk talk.  I haven't heard back from any of them  
(Geoserver, GDAL, UDIG -- I think all three of you are on this dev  



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