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Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Thu May 4 21:02:53 EDT 2006

  > I have a session for three open source lightning talks scheduled for
> right after the AutoDesk talk.  I haven't heard back from any of them  
> (Geoserver, GDAL, UDIG -- I think all three of you are on this dev  list).
I submitted a proposal for GeoServer at the link you gave us, got a 
confirmation email and everything, is there something else I'm supposed 
to do.  There's a very slight chance I may not personally make it, but 
my organization will definitely send someone to give the talk.  Do you 
want Jody and Frank to just email you confirming, or to submit on the 
conference tracker thing?

Neither GeoServer or uDig are technically in the OSGeo foundation, at 
least not yet, so it might make more sense to have GDAL and two other 
foundation projects follow that talk, and have GeoServer, uDig and WW do 
lightnings together.  Which would make a lot of sense, as they lead a 
wave of desktop/internet GIS (with not only WMS, but also WFS, which WW 
is supposed to have soon).  We could even try to coordinate a demo, show 
how both can clients can connect to GeoServer with the power of 
standards, demonstrate how feature edits and style changes in uDig show 
up in WW...


> Cheers;
> Nat

Chris Holmes
The Open Planning Project
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