[VisCom] Re: OSGF at Where 2.0

Nathan Torkington gnat at oreilly.com
Thu May 4 21:20:14 EDT 2006

On 5/05/2006, at 1:02 PM, Chris Holmes wrote:
> I submitted a proposal for GeoServer at the link you gave us, got a  
> confirmation email and everything, is there something else I'm  
> supposed to do.  There's a very slight chance I may not personally  
> make it, but my organization will definitely send someone to give  
> the talk.  Do you want Jody and Frank to just email you confirming,  
> or to submit on the conference tracker thing?

Sorry, you're right: you did send it in.  I was tripped up by it not  
appearing in the web schedule yet (something that'll happen in the  
fullness of time as Vee, our speaker coordinator, marks it as  
accepted).  We can't put things into the schedule unless they're put  
into the form, so just fill out the form and email me.

> Neither GeoServer or uDig are technically in the OSGeo foundation,  
> at least not yet, so it might make more sense to have GDAL and two  
> other foundation projects follow that talk, and have GeoServer,  
> uDig and WW do lightnings together.  Which would make a lot of  
> sense, as they lead a wave of desktop/internet GIS (with not only  
> WMS, but also WFS, which WW is supposed to have soon).  We could  
> even try to coordinate a demo, show how both can clients can  
> connect to GeoServer with the power of standards, demonstrate how  
> feature edits and style changes in uDig show up in WW...

So you're talking about:

Integration Demo
  * GeoServer + uDig + WorldWind

Gary Lang gives the OSGeo talk

Lightning Talks:
  * two other foundation projects

I like that.  Particularly if there's a demo and not just lightning  
talks.  The WorldWind story to me is not just about OGC connectivity  
but also about being a neutral meeting point for Yahoo! APIs,  
VirtualEarth imagery, etc.  That's probably more than 5m of  
speaking.  It's significant that Google's the only project that  
hasn't worked with WorldWind, probably because they have a  
competitor.  I'll be sure to mention that afterward as a jab :-)

If OSGeo and AutoDesk cool with that setup, I'll Make It So.  Thanks,


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