[VisCom] Project presenters at Where 2.0

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Tue May 16 17:58:48 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 16 May 2006 10:18, Chris Holmes wrote:
> Hey, we also need to figure out who is going to do what lightning talks
> for Where 2.0.  I think we have 2-3 slots open, that we should get back
> to Nat on.  How should we go about deciding who gets to speak?  It may
> just line up fine, with the right number of people going who could
> appropriately present on projects.  But what do we do if more people
> want to speak?  How do we go about figuring out who should speak?

I would contact each of the project committee chairs and ask if:
1) they are planning to make it to the conference
2) if they would like to present about their topic

Then go from there.

Semi-related... we need to iron out the conference pass issue.  If they speak, 
i.e. in a lightning talk, will O'Reilly provide free passes?  It sounded like 
Nat could make that happen.  Otherwise, we need to know from Autodesk how 
many passes we could make available for these purposes (assuming some of them 
will actually be used by Autodesk).  Then we could provide the rest for those 
who could come and help man the booth, BOF, etc.

Any ideas on this?


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