[VisCom] OSGeo Flyer for Where 2.0 - review by Friday noon PST

Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Fri May 19 14:04:12 EDT 2006

I'm liking it a lot.

Not sure if you can do it better, but the way [2] is structured makes me 
see it as less than the real grassroots organization that it is.  Just 
by the use of the term 'we provide', like the foundation is one thing, 
and it's providing support to the OS geospatial community, which is not 
necessarily the same as the OSGeo foundation.  Like it sounds like an 
assistance organization, doesn't reflect that the OSGeo foundation is 
more or less the best and brightest of the os geospatial community.  So 
taken that way, it sounds a bit odd that we're providing support to 

Could do something like 'we gather financial... support'.  Or 'the OSGeo 
foundation acts as a central organizing point for financial, technical 
and legal support'....


Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> I'm liking that.  I like the idea of [5], but I think the last part of it is a registered trademark by several other folks.  Go, Michael, go - you can come up with a better one.   Wish we had that inspiring tagline ready to go.
> Maybe the Borg has a motto we can borrow: Assimilate, The Universe Is Ours... (or maybe just Resistance Is Futile) - ;)
> Tyler
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> Subject: RE: [VisCom] OSGeo Flyer for Where 2.0 - review by Friday noon PST
>>My tech writer is on vacation today, ad planning on my part.  Here's
>>what I came up with (with the suggestions of Tyler and Chris):
>>[1] The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is a not-for-profit
>>   organization dedicated to the collaborative development of
>>   technologies and data.
>>[2] As the leading promoter of such technologies, we provide
>>   financial, organizational and legal support to the open
>>   source geospatial community.
>>[3] Our projects represent the highest quality of open, shared
>>   resources -- Code from low-level libraries to high-level
>>   servers, Content from map data to educational curriculum.
>>[4] We are developers and executives, authors and educators,
>>   users and marketers.
>>[5] Join us at www.osgeo.org.  Together, we're going places.
>>Okay, so #3 and #4 could still use some tweaking.  And yeah, that last
>>sentence still sounds a little overblown.  But hey, it's an *ad*,
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