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Mark Lucas mlucas17 at mac.com
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I wouldn't be concerned at this point, emphasis at this point should  
be on getting the exposure and there is the $400 rush fee that has to  
be repaid if we can.  Plus we still have some work to do before our  
fund raising activities come into focus.

Mark L

On May 26, 2006, at 4:37 AM, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:

> I've now gotten a few requests for OSGeo shirts by people not  
> attending Where and willing to pay their own costs.  I told the  
> first person "sure, no prob!" -- but then I got nervous.
> One the one hand, it would be nice to allow them to do this, and  
> I'm willing to add their orders in and handle the organizing.  And  
> we would even get a 5% discount if the order exceeds $1000.
> But on the other hand, selling shirts is a potential fund-raising  
> activity, and so we might lose future revenue by doing this.  A  
> small amount, to be sure, but I don't think it is within my  
> authority to decide this.
> What does the Board think?
> -mpg

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