[OSGeo-Board] Eleventh Board Meeting Agenda

Gary Lang gary.lang at autodesk.com
Fri May 26 12:22:36 EDT 2006

If VisCom is focused on Where right now, it's a smart focus.


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rich at richsteele.org wrote:
> Quoting Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com>:
>> As it stands I would be inclined to defer things for one week.
> Since the only person who responded to this was Gary (saying he 
> couldn't attend), I am assuming that the friday board meeting will be 
> deferred this week.
> -Rich

not much time to respond... :-)

Maybe it will be possible to have a chat - even if informal - on IRC
because we have pressing issues regarding booth operation at the
Intergeo exhibition. The plan is out and there is an Open Source Park
reserved and we need to fix who is going to do what and what the role of
the OSGeo could take on.
Would the  OSGeo Foundation would consent at being the judge/committee
regarding which company is committed (enough) to doing Open Source
('trustworthy?') so that it can appear in the Open Source Park.

We had a VisCom meeting yesterday but it was eaten up mainly by Where2
organization so that we havd little time for other stuff.


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