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Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Sat May 27 12:31:18 EDT 2006

Arnulf Christl wrote:
> On Fri, May 26, 2006 20:40, Chris Holmes wrote:
>>Tyler Mitchell wrote:
>>>Gary wrote:
>>>>My feeling is that OSGeo needs to focus on promoting its own projects
>>>>first and foremost. Any other companies should get in line behind
>>>>committreed projects. To this end, I would very much like to see
>>>>MapServer, MapBender, GDAL, etc. get promotion time at Where 2.0. How
>>>>are we doing this?
>>>I think there have been recent changes, but this page pretty much sums
>>>it up:
>>>Chris - could you verify the full roster of speakers for lightning talks
>>>and other talks during the main event?
>>This is the latest with Nat, I think it completely matches our thinking.
>>09:45am [15m] Open Source Mashups, Chris to provide participants [VEE]
>>10:00am [15m] Best Geo Hacks of the Last 2,000 Years, Chris Spurgeon
>>[CONFIRMED] [9315]
>>10:15am [45m] Morning Break
>>11:00am [15m] Gary Lang [CONFIRMED] [9181]
>>11:15am [15m] Open Source Lightning Talks
>>     GDAL - Frank Warmerdam [VEE]
>>     TBD
>>     TBD
>>The two tbd in Open Source Lightning will be OSSIM and MapGuide.
>>Arnulf and MapBender will go with me (and GeoServer, and probably one
>>other) in Open Source Mashups.  I think we were talking of using
>>MapBender to do digitizing, so it'd use MapServer too.
> Mapbender uses MapServer as WMS to present and GeoServer as WFS-T to edit
> the maps. GDAL/OGR is part of MapServer, so it is part of the stack as
> well. Storage is done with PostGIS so that both GeoServer and MapServer
> can access the same geoms.
> And we want to
>>mention MapBuilder as well, since MapBender has plans to merge at some
> Mapbuilder already sits on top of GeoServer and can do the same things as
> Mapbender (fx. WFS-T editing) just with another perspective. So it will
> also show up in the mashup. ((please define this, my online dictionary
> only gives me 'smashup'... which is probably not what we can do :-))
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mashup_(web_application_hybrid) - you have 
to check your online encyclopedia, not just the dictionary.

We should just show how with open source and open standards you can 
easily combine data from different sources, and indeed allow others to 
do mashups with your data sources.  So I'm thinking something like we 
show a raster with mapserver, digitizing in to GeoServer with MapBender, 
displaying in WorldWind, correcting in MapBuilder with WFS-T.  I'd like 
to display the results out on Google Earth and Google Maps as well - we 
could even get Schuyler involved with OpenLayers to do the overlay, he 
may have Virtual Earth working by then.  Could even use uDig to show the 
desktop, overlaying with a local shapefile, or even ArcWhatever 
connecting to WMS (it is nice to show that open source will work with 
proprietary stuff).  If there's a demo MapGuide stood up somewhere with 
WMS then we could include one of those layers as well, and feature all 
the web based OSGeo projects.  This is obviously a lot, and we only have 
15 minutes, but it could maybe be cool if we ran through everything 
really fast.  The point I'd like to try to make is that with proprietary 
mash-ups you can basically go one way - you can add your stuff on top of 
what google or microsoft provides you.  With open source the 
possibilities are limitless, you can combine from 6 different sources 
using open standards, and people can in turn mash-up the information you 


> Arnulf.
>>Then in the BOF we'll have Dave talk about MapServer.  I'm also going to
>>see if I can get Brent, the GeoServer developer talking in my stead, to
>>do a little bit on GeoTools and MapBuilder at the BOF, as he's worked on
>>So every project should have some sort of spot, either in the main
>>session or at the BOF.  Arnulf and Brent and I will coordinate the open
>>source mashups session, and ideally we'll try to incorporate a lot of
>>projects.  Indeed if we do GeoServer and MapServer will be sure to
>>include that neither would be possible without GeoTools and GDAL/OGR,
>>>Anything that doesn't make it up on the main stage, will have the
>>>opportunity to do a ~5 min talk during the BOF event.  That's how I'm
>>>handling the BOF anyway and why the set of speakers during the rest of
>>>the conference needs to be confirmed before I flesh out the BOF.  Make
>>>sense? :)
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