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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Sun May 28 03:59:54 EDT 2006

On Sat, May 27, 2006 18:31, Chris Holmes wrote:
> Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> On Fri, May 26, 2006 20:40, Chris Holmes wrote:
>>>Tyler Mitchell wrote:
>>>>Gary wrote:
>>>>>My feeling is that OSGeo needs to focus on promoting its own projects
>>>>>first and foremost. Any other companies should get in line behind
>>>>>committreed projects. To this end, I would very much like to see
>>>>>MapServer, MapBender, GDAL, etc. get promotion time at Where 2.0. How
>>>>>are we doing this?
>>>>I think there have been recent changes, but this page pretty much sums
>>>>it up:
>>>>Chris - could you verify the full roster of speakers for lightning
>>>> talks
>>>>and other talks during the main event?
>>>This is the latest with Nat, I think it completely matches our thinking.
>>>09:45am [15m] Open Source Mashups, Chris to provide participants [VEE]
>>>10:00am [15m] Best Geo Hacks of the Last 2,000 Years, Chris Spurgeon
>>>[CONFIRMED] [9315]
>>>10:15am [45m] Morning Break
>>>11:00am [15m] Gary Lang [CONFIRMED] [9181]
>>>11:15am [15m] Open Source Lightning Talks
>>>     GDAL - Frank Warmerdam [VEE]
>>>     TBD
>>>     TBD
>>>The two tbd in Open Source Lightning will be OSSIM and MapGuide.
>>>Arnulf and MapBender will go with me (and GeoServer, and probably one
>>>other) in Open Source Mashups.  I think we were talking of using
>>>MapBender to do digitizing, so it'd use MapServer too.
>> Mapbender uses MapServer as WMS to present and GeoServer as WFS-T to
>> edit
>> the maps. GDAL/OGR is part of MapServer, so it is part of the stack as
>> well. Storage is done with PostGIS so that both GeoServer and MapServer
>> can access the same geoms.
>> And we want to
>>>mention MapBuilder as well, since MapBender has plans to merge at some
>> Mapbuilder already sits on top of GeoServer and can do the same things
>> as
>> Mapbender (fx. WFS-T editing) just with another perspective. So it will
>> also show up in the mashup. ((please define this, my online dictionary
>> only gives me 'smashup'... which is probably not what we can do :-))
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mashup_(web_application_hybrid) - you have
> to check your online encyclopedia, not just the dictionary.
> We should just show how with open source and open standards you can
> easily combine data from different sources, and indeed allow others to
> do mashups with your data sources.  So I'm thinking something like we
> show a raster with mapserver, digitizing in to GeoServer with MapBender,
> displaying in WorldWind, correcting in MapBuilder with WFS-T.  I'd like
> to display the results out on Google Earth and Google Maps as well - we
> could even get Schuyler involved with OpenLayers to do the overlay, he
> may have Virtual Earth working by then.  Could even use uDig to show the
> desktop, overlaying with a local shapefile, or even ArcWhatever
> connecting to WMS (it is nice to show that open source will work with
> proprietary stuff).  If there's a demo MapGuide stood up somewhere with
> WMS then we could include one of those layers as well, and feature all
> the web based OSGeo projects.  This is obviously a lot, and we only have
> 15 minutes, but it could maybe be cool if we ran through everything
> really fast.  The point I'd like to try to make is that with proprietary
> mash-ups you can basically go one way - you can add your stuff on top of
> what google or microsoft provides you.  With open source the
> possibilities are limitless, you can combine from 6 different sources
> using open standards, and people can in turn mash-up the information you
> provide.
> C

This sounds very good. We could prepare this in the Wiki. When we use 
stable services that are avilable online for a longer stretch of time we
can develop this into a reference that can be used by everybody. Ideally
we could do parts of this on the telascience servers, but I do not know
whether we will manage until Where 2.0. Frank has asked Norman on the SAC
list, so I guess that we will get a tatus report from there any time.


>> Arnulf.
>>>Then in the BOF we'll have Dave talk about MapServer.  I'm also going to
>>>see if I can get Brent, the GeoServer developer talking in my stead, to
>>>do a little bit on GeoTools and MapBuilder at the BOF, as he's worked on
>>>So every project should have some sort of spot, either in the main
>>>session or at the BOF.  Arnulf and Brent and I will coordinate the open
>>>source mashups session, and ideally we'll try to incorporate a lot of
>>>projects.  Indeed if we do GeoServer and MapServer will be sure to
>>>include that neither would be possible without GeoTools and GDAL/OGR,
>>>>Anything that doesn't make it up on the main stage, will have the
>>>>opportunity to do a ~5 min talk during the BOF event.  That's how I'm
>>>>handling the BOF anyway and why the set of speakers during the rest of
>>>>the conference needs to be confirmed before I flesh out the BOF.  Make
>>>>sense? :)
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