[Web Comm] Re: [OSGeo-Board] RE: [SAC] Committee/list merge proposal - was Re: [SAC] RE: [Web Comm] Re: Migration planning meeting

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Sun Oct 29 17:59:05 EST 2006

Jo Walsh wrote:
> dear Jody, all,
> Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 10:18:06PM -0700, Jody Garnett wrote:
>> Comment: in reviewing the mandate of the two committee's VisCom seemed 
>> rather focused on conferences and the like, and webcom on service (user, 
>> community and developer).  I should hope that it is the board setting 
>> the communication agenda here and delegating out to us volunteers as needed.
> You think that the board should create and impose a decision at this
> point, about how volunteers should be organising themselves?
No sorry if there was a miss understanding - I was hoping the board was 
setting the goals of the foundation
and the message the foundation wished to webcomm (and viscomm) 
committees to convey.
> If this who-is-doing-quite-what issue is holding people back from
> responsibility to resolve it, yes. I am not sure that "as a boardcontributing energy then we-collectively-everyone-involved have the
> member" i want to be responsible unless there is something crisis-like
> or seemingly irresolvable going on.
I think everyone is held back by time (board members included), and 
communication difficulties tend to suck energy out of the time we all 
have available.

Rather then be general I can be specific:
- I cannot get more volunteer effort out of the GeoTools community 
without benefit
- I cannot show the geotools community benefit until some issues already 
passed onto the board are resolved (specifically we need to negotiate 
with the board how OSGeo (c) is handled for both code, and separately 
for software).  Since this is a matter for legal advice I think we are 
all kind of stuck.

So with incubation process (my first priority) stuck I can turn my 
attention to where I would like to volunteer - communication.
- step one) identify target audience - done (if there was more people 
had in mind they could update the wiki)
- step two) identify communication priorities - undone (option a) canvas 
webcom (option b) prioritize based on where geotools is weak since it is 
my volunteer time
- step three) construct website map meeting priorities (this includes 
navigation and content)
- step four) visual design (option a) hire a graphic designer (option b) 
minimal design so as to lessen impact for other projects
- step five) prototype (option a) geotools
- step six) presentation of prototype for revision / adoption
- step seven) construct "care and feeding kit" for current OSGeo project 
and those in iccubation, this describes needed content and visuals
> If you really think this is something that the board should be making
> a decision about then i would like to ask for a wiki page summarising
> what would change and how it would work for the better, that would be
> much appreciated.   
Thanks Jo, if you look at step two above you will see what is needed. In 
short an ordering of our communication goals so we can direct website 
priorities and content creation for projects.


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