[VisCom] Logos, Round II

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Oct 31 11:50:21 EST 2006

> That said, we have agreed already within VisCom that
> as it seems the current tagline is rarely being used,
> we're likely to be using a form of the logo w/o any tagline at all.

I'd like to see the tagline on the main website front page, but I'd
agree that the logo+OSGeo is probably best in most cases.  I'd also like
to see the logo alone be an option, such as on full-bleed black
background pins.  I think that with this logo alone we can build a
really good brand within the geosphere :)

Would anyone have an objection to me creating some green-on-black
logo-only pins to take with me to Autodesk University as free hand outs
in my lab?

> For many/most common usages, we can't have a 
> black background logo be the default -- if
> that is what you're suggesting?  Sorry, I
> didn't quite follow your comments...

No, just that if we are using a black background to standardise on white
rather than green for the text "OSGeo"


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