[VisCom] Logos, Round II

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Tue Oct 31 12:28:04 EST 2006

Jason Birch wrote:
>> That said, we have agreed already within VisCom that
>> as it seems the current tagline is rarely being used,
>> we're likely to be using a form of the logo w/o any tagline at all.
> I'd like to see the tagline on the main website front page, but I'd
> agree that the logo+OSGeo is probably best in most cases.  I'd also like
> to see the logo alone be an option, such as on full-bleed black
> background pins.  I think that with this logo alone we can build a
> really good brand within the geosphere :)
> Would anyone have an objection to me creating some green-on-black
> logo-only pins to take with me to Autodesk University as free hand outs
> in my lab?

+1 from Arnulf. Additionally I must confess that me too did this in several occasions (last at Intergeo 2006). More so I even have a hand crafted business card that I use regularly when I an in the role of OSGeo Director or Mapbender PSC member because then my business business card wont be any good. 

Here it says:
that you should ask whenever you need to create something with the OSGeo logo on it (well, it actually says that you are not allowed to at all - unless you ask). Who is to be asked and who will decide (and in what time, we would not want to have to wait for the next board meeting)? Is this a job done by VisCom? 

Imagine me retrospectively asking for permission to print my business cards to be used whenever I act as OSGeo participant. Additionally I needed to print my own buttons because time delay due to shipping it around the world would prevent me from using them at a conference. Where should I send this request?

>> For many/most common usages, we can't have a 
>> black background logo be the default -- if
>> that is what you're suggesting?  Sorry, I
>> didn't quite follow your comments...
> No, just that if we are using a black background to standardise on white
> rather than green for the text "OSGeo"

Good idea, like it is on the lands end shirt. 


> Jason
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