[VisCom] Logos, Round II

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Tue Oct 31 13:01:09 EST 2006

> you should ask whenever you need to create something with the OSGeo logo on it (well, it
> actually says that you are not allowed to at all - unless you ask). Who is to be asked and
> who will decide (and in what time, we would not want to have to wait for the next
> board meeting)? Is this a job done by VisCom? 

This is a entirely VisCom job, I'll own it.  Up to and including business card creation.  It'll be just like the shirts, that's a job I can actually be successful at...

Buttons are best done via Cafepress, though.  Easy to set up, once the logo is ready.  If desired, I can keep some "in stock" here in Seattle for rush orders (again, like I do for the shirts).

> > No, just that if we are using a black background to standardise on white
> > rather than green for the text "OSGeo"

> Good idea, like it is on the lands end shirt. 

Umm, no -- the logo on the Lands End black shirts is GREEN, not WHITE..?

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