[VisCom] The thrilling benefits of OSGeo membership

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Sat Sep 9 12:32:36 EDT 2006

Dear Jo:

A few nits:

* What does the "Committees" box on
http://community.osgeo.org/user/register page refer to?  Is it for
joining the WebCom and VisCom mailing lists, or registering interest in
joining those two highly-esteemed organizations, or..?

* Also on that page, under "Username" it says *spaces* are allowed --
yikes, is that really correct?

* I also wonder if we should make people list their IRC nicks.  I've
finally got zool and seven and spatialguru down now, but am still
wondering who f0urtyfive, snowbike, what_nick, and omniverdi are... :-)

Now, as to the good "membership benefits" question -- I am embarassed to
say I don't think VisCom has ever really tried to write down why anyone
would want to join us.  (I think I just figured that we already had all
the cool people on board :-)

I don't have time to write something up right now, but I think I saw
someone (Jason?) putting some text like this together for the WebCom


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> Subject: [VisCom] The thrilling benefits of OSGeo membership
> dear VisCom, (and WebCom cross-lurkers),
> It would be possible if wanted to use the drupal-based 
> "community portal"
> site at http://community.osgeo.org/ to register the details of people
> who come by the various OSGeo project booths at FOSS4G and EuroOSCON.
> I made a stub page at http://community.osgeo.org/membership/ which
> links through to the user registration module - I see Tyler put in a
> great effort of replicating Frank's spec for user data to collect at 
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Membership_Application
> If any of you felt like writing up, or wiki mining a writeup of, the
> exciting benefits of becoming a member of OSGeo, that would be great. 
> Feedback on how this feels would also be of benefit. 
> Issues here are: 
> - This needs to be integrated with LDAP in future. I just turned LDAP
>   authentication off for now. 
> - There's no link through to a payment mechanism for sponsoring
>   membership. I recall some uncertainty about how soon this could
>   happen - paypal is set up but there's no provision for 'free schwag'
> I wish I'd had the time and stamina to do more on this site this week;
> apols. I think it's a good basic framework and with a bit of CSS
> slap-up would be worth pointing people at, but it may not have the
> right 'VisCom gloss' yet.
> cheers, 
> jo
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