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Pericles S. Nacionales pnaciona at gis.umn.edu
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Frank, folks,
For OSG '05, we had media sponsorship.  Directions magazine was the official media sponsor but there where others that expressed interest in becoming one...

We didn't pay for their flight/accomodations but we waived their conference fees.  They were also free to float around the workshops.  They were also allowed to promote their magazines via inserts in the conference packet.  In the end only Directions came but that might be because we where to restrictive on the conditions.

Anyway, I agree that media participation is key to getting OSGeo in the news and public eyes.

Perry Nacionales
pnaciona at gis.umn.edu

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FOSS4G 2006 had no journalists in attendance, and consequently had very
limited press coverage.  As we talk with media sponsors this year one item
that has come up is that if we want their journalists to attend and report
on the conference, some would like the travel expenses paid for.

My position is that this isn't a conference promotional expense, it is in
fact a general OSGeo promotional activity.   It is about ensuring our
message, and the success of the conference gets reported on.

So, I'm coming to VisCom asking it to *consider* providing travel for
1-2 journalists for FOSS4G 2007.  I am thinking about something like
$2500 to $5000.  The two candidates I've contemplated are Adena and
someone from GIS development.

I would note that actually preparing an article for magazines/news outlets
is another mechanism to get some coverage, and we should likely do some
of that too.

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