[Viscom-dev] Journalists at FOSS4G 2007

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Feb 2 19:03:28 EST 2007

Pericles S. Nacionales wrote:
> Frank, folks, For OSG '05, we had media sponsorship.  Directions magazine
> was the official media sponsor but there where others that expressed
> interest in becoming one...
> We didn't pay for their flight/accomodations but we waived their conference
> fees.  They were also free to float around the workshops.  They were also
> allowed to promote their magazines via inserts in the conference packet.  In
> the end only Directions came but that might be because we where to
> restrictive on the conditions.


We are expecting to offer free entrance to media folks, and to do some
cross-promotional stuff with some media sponsors.

> Anyway, I agree that media participation is key to getting OSGeo in the news
> and public eyes.


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