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Aaron Racicot aaronr at z-pulley.com
Mon Feb 5 18:13:24 EST 2007

Hey there VisCom,

I am going to submit a proposal today to have a 90 minute session at OSCON
for OSGeo and wanted to run this by folks to see what you thought.  This is
what I plan to fill in...

Thanks for any comments.


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Aaron Racicot is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programmer and
certified GISP working at Ecotrust (www.ecotrust.org). His interests include
the development and utilization of Open Source GIS Tools in the areas of
environmental and conservation related projects and is an active member of
the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (www.osgeo.org).  Aaron completed his
undergraduate work in Computer Science at the University of Washington
(UW-1996) and received a Masters in Environmental Science from Oregon Health
and Science University (OHSU-2005). Active development includes real-time
decision support tools that utilize the power of GIS.


OSGeo: Practical Maps, Practical Apps

Emerging Topics

90 Minute Session

While this session will strive to give an overview of the OSGeo foundation
and its active role in the development of Open Source mapping, we will be
focusing on the practical side of application development.  Our intended
audience is anyone actively or potentially developing geographically aware
applications and wishes to get a taste for the latest and greatest
technology available in the Open Source realm.  Presentations will highlight
end user capability and touch on development efforts of individual projects.

Maps in apps... utilizing Open Source technology to get maps into your
applications.  The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) is an umbrella
organization providing support and a common framework to house efforts by
the Open Source community for "all things maps".  We will provide a quick
overview of the OSGeo as an organization as well as showcase how some of the
ongoing efforts within the organization can help your efforts developing
applications.  From open access to geographic data to application frameworks
for both the desktop and web-based applications, the OSGeo has something for
everyone interested in geospatial technology.  The first year and a half of
the foundations existence has paved the way for a healthy and vibrant
community working toward a common goal of open development and open access
in the geo-spatial community.
We will highlight a series of short talks focusing on practical geospatial
solutions for practical applications.  Data and application interoperability
and standards compliant development will be the focus.  One talk will focus
on the use of web-based application frameworks such as Mapserver and
OpenLayers to create cutting edge mapping interfaces in your projects.  A
second talk will focus on the active development of desktop applications and
libraries enabling geospatial functionality in desktop development
including QGis, GRASS, and OSSIM.  The sky is the limit when dealing with
Open Source Geospatial technology and the OSGeo foundation provides an open
and inviting venue for that development to take place... come and join us!

Geo-spatially aware applications are all the rage in the Web2.0 age.  The
OSGeo foundation was formed to provide an umbrella for these types of
technologies in the Open Source community.  This series of talks will focus
on practical use of Open Source geospatial technology in practical

The OSGeo would like to take this opportunity to highlight ongoing efforts
within the organization with 3-4 talks in one 90 minute session focused on
exciting advancements in the field of Open Source geospatially aware
applications as well as the OSGeo foundation itself.  Along with a booth
space showcasing applications, demos, and developers, we would like to
follow upon last year's success with another 90 minute speaker session.  If
the session is accepted we will promptly provide speaker bios and photos for
the remaining 2-3 speakers.

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