[Viscom-dev] Check before submitting...

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 5 18:45:33 EST 2007

On 5-Feb-07, at 3:13 PM, Aaron Racicot wrote:
> A
> second talk will focus on the active development of desktop  
> applications and
> libraries enabling geospatial functionality in desktop development
> including QGis, GRASS, and OSSIM.

QGis -> QGIS

> Geo-spatially aware applications are all the rage in the Web2.0 age.
Web2.0 -> Web 2.0 ??

> The OSGeo would like to take this opportunity to highlight ongoing  
> efforts
> within the organization with 3-4 talks in one 90 minute session  
> focused on
> exciting advancements in the field of Open Source geospatially aware
> applications as well as the OSGeo foundation itself.  Along with a  
> booth
> space showcasing applications, demos, and developers, we would like to
> follow upon last year's success with another 90 minute speaker  
> session.  If
> the session is accepted we will promptly provide speaker bios and  
> photos for
> the remaining 2-3 speakers.

Will we also pursue a BOF-style sessions too?

Other than my extremely minor comments above, I'm +1 on this.  Good job!


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