[Viscom-dev] Budget

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 7 16:58:14 EST 2007

Before we bring our event budget to the board, can we also finalise  
the rest of our committee budget?  I'm anxious to get this through to  
the board ASAP so that we know whether we can prepare to fund  
upcoming conference events or not.  I'm being asked to sign contracts  
for booth space, etc. already, but not knowing if I have funds to  
develop the booth yet!

We have summarised event budget as $85,000 in wiki (http:// 
Can we work within this as our overall budget for VisCom instead of  
just for events?  Our needs have been somewhat small and, in some  
cases like t-shirts, our support of some conference work has been to  
send shirts to a group.  So I don't think it's too off-base to just  
roll it in here.  If we get tight, then we do fewer events.

What do you think?


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