[Viscom-dev] Conference branding advice

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Feb 20 11:44:37 EST 2007

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> 2. Buy 2 booths, Lisasoft, and Autodesk (probably next to each other). 
> Create signs which say "We support OSGeo projects", along with an OSGeo 
> logo.
> Problem: We would need to ensure our company supports OSGeo, not the 
> other way around.
> Problem: The OSGeo community might not approve of this "watering down" 
> of the OSGeo brand.


I think this approach would be fine.  I'd suggest:
  o Try to set aside a chunk of counter/table space for OSGeo handouts.
  o Try to avoid mixing corporate an OSGeo materials more than is necessary.
  o It would be nice if folks understood they could ask you folks questions
    about OSGeo.
  o Possibly have any OSGeo t-shirt for someone who is ready to answer OSGeo
    related questions.

(Note: I don't speak for viscom - just one random lurker opinion)

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