[Viscom-dev] Budget stuff...

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 26 12:34:01 EST 2007

I have a hard time seeing our budget get approved quick enough for  
events over the next month or so. For background see this thread:

For example, I have requested funding for Location Intelligence but  
think we may need to wait until our fundraising committee gets some  
more funds coming in.  I have some financial review to do for helping  
the board get a handle on cash flow and I have lots to do for  
fundraising committee too.  You should see me relax a bit on VisCom  
and focus more on Fundraising over the next couple weeks since funds  
are a priority holding up many other things.

This means we may very well not be able to develop a full booth at  
LI.  I also don't want to commit to it if we are going to be  
constrained in any way or takes away the opportunity to have it at  
other events.  Personally, I'd much rather see a strong showing  
elsewhere if I had to choose.

Until our budget is approved, I personally consider that VisCom has  
limited funding available.  Obviously we need to fix this, but that  
is the way it seems at this very moment.  I'd love to wrong about  
this though.

I suggest we make any expenditures focused on reusable components for  
a pop-up booth or some more pop-up banners that we can ship around.

Then perhaps also get the Lands-end store up and running with the new  
logo so people can buy their own great shirt - or refine cafepress so  
we can sell and make a modest profit.

Sorry, there are a few points in one note, but wanted to get the  
discussion going.


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