[Viscom-dev] Where 2.0

Josh Livni josh at umbrellaconsulting.com
Wed Feb 28 12:25:29 EST 2007

Brief summaries of some discussion on IRC this morning, re the Where conf.

 +ACo- Booth
  - I will be at the booth as needed, and can take charge of
setup/takedown, and scheduling.  If someone else would prefer to do
these things, that's fine w/me.    I'd appreciate knowing who else will
be there, and suggestions on which of the various lists to post on to
get potential OSGeo friendly volunteers for the conf. 

 +ACo- BOF
  - The BOF submission is in.  We should have a time set for Tuesday
night.  There +AF8-may+AF8- be a projector or something, but I won't know for
sure until we get closer.

 +ACo- Ignite
  - There will be an igniteseattle.com style event Monday night.  I'll
present some osgeo stuff.  If someone wants to co-present, that'd be
great.  5 mins, 25 slides.

 +ACo- OGC/OSGeo interactive map demo
  - If someone builds one, I'll try get it as much visibility as
possible.  Let me know.

 +ACo- Lightning talks (onstage)
  - 2.30 - 2.45 Weds is set aside for OS Lightning Talks. I  have no
idea what's scheduled for that right now.  OpenLayers?  OSSIM?  Will
find out.

Things not discussed:
+ACo- Pass
  - I'm assuming I get a pass

 +ACo- Budget
  - If there are any funds to help subsidize my travel costs, that'd be
fantastic.  If not, I'll be there anyway.

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