[Viscom-dev] Re: Novell Brainshare/OSGEO

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu May 3 00:57:57 EDT 2007

Brent Wood wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> Just had an email from Chris at Catalyst IT here impressed with how quickly you
> got NZ onto the OSGEO countries list :-)
> I said it was typical of your service!


That would be that I either address an issue immediately, or it
disappears in a black hole?

> Anyway, an idea for your consideration wearing your ODGEO hat...
> (I'm not sure who else to send it to...)
> This morning I was discussing the last Novell Brainshare event with a couple of
> people who were there, & it seemed a good idea to consider an OSGeo
> presentation at the next one.
> I gather there were over 5000 attendees at this one, the focus is more
> infrastructure than application, but there was some application stuff there, 
> (see: https://www.novellbrainshare.com/slc2007/catalog/controller/catalog)
> I'm sure they'd prefer a Suse focus, but given the tools run fine there, that
> wouldn't be too hard.
> I'm also told that Novell will fund the attendence of any speakers, which might
> be useful.
> I figure OSGeo/Refractions/etc could put a very effective working GIS suite
> together, running on a SLED/SLES box, & present a case study, etc. You may have
> ideas as well.
> While it is certainly fun & provides valuable info/insights at FOSS GIS
> conferences, essentially at such events we are preaching to the converted,
> whereas at Brainshare there are many Open Source users who are likely to be
> unaware of the FOSS GIS world, even a presentation on the history of OSGeo &
> discussion of the packages now under the Foundation umbrella might be
> worthwhile.
> Anyway, I can get the NZ Novell manager to track down the best person to ask,
> if you are interested & don't have contacts there?

I'm cc:ing this to the Visibility and Promotion Committee who normally takes
care of flying the OSGeo flag at conferences.  But I suspect that VisCom
is already feeling very stretched with the conferences it is already trying
to attend.  If you were planning to attend BrainShare then I'm sure they
could provide you some support if you wanted to do a presentation on OSGeo
and have some pamphlets and stuff to offer.

If you are interested in doing something yourself, and just need some
support let me or viscom know.

Best regards,
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