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   Hello everyone,

      I've added the contribution of gvSIG, as mentioned by Mike and 
Jeroen. I did the presentation last year with them and it was a good 
experience. However, we realized that it's not trivial to go through all 
the process smoothly, from installation to integration demos. In my 
view, it is necessary for a representative from each project to be 
available in the conference, prior to the workshop, to install & test 
the integration.

      On a side note: although gvSIG is not officially an OSGeo project 
yet, we'll be requesting entry in the incubator as soon as I get 
official confirmation, probably next week. The delay has been related to 
internal reorganization of the project, which it's still going on, but 
we think this process should not stop the incubation progress. In fact 
the incubation will probably help us in some aspect of the internal 

      Let me know if any further detail are needed,


Arnulf Christl escribió:
> Hi All,
> I take the interim lead on this to get us past submission deadline. We can
> work out later who actually must to go there and sweat and suffer through
> the conference.
> Lets start by adding ideas to the Wiki:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/GSDI
> My preference would be a workshop that shows off the whole OSGeo SDI stack
> with references to all projects. The main part would be a hands-on
> demonstration showing that the technology works and now people only need
> pick it up to populate it and policies need to adopt and promote them.
> Should be easy going.
> I would like to close editing on the workshop part on wednesday so that I
> can pull it together for the proposal.
> Regards,
> Arnulf.
> On Fri, May 25, 2007 10:43, Jeroen Ticheler wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We had a good experience in Santiago with our workshop. It was more
>> of an extended demonstration due to the lack of computer facilities
>> and due to the fact that almost nobody took a laptop or so with them
>> into the workshop.
>> We went through a session that installed and showed GeoServer,
>> GeoNetwork and gvSIG. Than we set up a map service, created a related
>> catalog entry and had gvSIG and GeoNetwork use the WMS service from
>> GeoServer. gvSIG searched the GeoNetwork node and found the GeoServer
>> map service and opened it. I don't remember if we had gvSIG also use
>> the WFS service from GeoServer.
>> All in all it was a good and challenging experience with a large
>> audience attending. It also provided us with one of those necessary
>> milestones in establishing and/or testing interoperability between
>> applications :-)
>> We (GeoNetwork and gvSIG) just discussed a workshop at the gvSIG
>> conference in November, including GeoServer. We also discussed taking
>> that to GSDI-10. So I think there's all the scope from our side to
>> proceed with a proposal. Even if nobody is in the position at this
>> point in time to say they will see those blue oceans with there feet
>> in the water :-) What a bad outlook that is...
>> With the availability of modern computer labs, as described on the
>> GSDI-10 site, we now have to define the type and the number of
>> workshops :-)
>> What projects are thinking of giving a workshop at GSDI-10? Who would
>> like to do cross-project workshops?
>> Ciao,
>> Jeroen
>> On 24 May 2007, at 10:34 PM, Chris Holmes wrote:
>>> I went two years ago, where I met Jeroen for the first time, and
>>> Allan was there as well.  In general the conference has a few
>>> concurrent sessions, where people present papers.  It's more
>>> academic/government - people actually write papers for one.  The
>>> first year we gave a paper on open source for SDI's which was
>>> decently received.
>>> Last year we did the workshop, Jeroen and I applied, and then I
>>> think we joined up with Michael Gould and gvSig?  The workshop's a
>>> pretty sweet deal I believe (I wasn't there), it happens before the
>>> conference, and it's a great opportunity to educate people who
>>> don't know much about your stuff, and give some hands on demos.
>>> The workshops are primarily for the sponsors who provide funds for
>>> the conference, so it's pretty nice that Harlan manages to get us
>>> an open source slot.
>>> The angle to present is pretty basics, just showing off the
>>> capabilities of open source, get people to see that it's a reality
>>> and competitive with anyone else.  The audience isn't super
>>> advanced - I believe it tends to be a bit more government decision
>>> makers, a bit less the actual tech people.
>>> Jeroen, you have any other insight?  Since you were actually there
>>> for the last one.
>>> Chris
>>> Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
>>>> It does sound promising - can anyone provide some experience from
>>>> previous events?  What happens, how does it work, what angle can
>>>> we best present?
>>>> Tyler
>>>> On 24-May-07, at 11:40 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:
>>>>> On Wed, May 23, 2007 11:48, Chris Holmes wrote:
>>>>>> Anyone planning on going to GSDI-10?  I'm pretty confident we
>>>>>> could get
>>>>>> a workshop there.  I didn't go last year, but had a group of
>>>>>> people who
>>>>>> were going to go, so we organized it together.  There's a lot of
>>>>>> government decision makers who go to this, it may not be a bad
>>>>>> place to
>>>>>> have some osgeo presence.  It's just way too far away for me to
>>>>>> know if
>>>>>> I'll personally be attending.
>>>>> Hey,
>>>>> same for me. But nonetheless we should apply for a workshop. I am
>>>>> very
>>>>> sure that someone knowledgeable from around OSGeo will be there.
>>>>> And if
>>>>> not I have the perfect excuse that I must go myself... ;-)
>>>>> So my VisCom opinion is to apply and see later how to fill in the
>>>>> blanks.
>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>> Arnulf.
>>>>>> -------- Original Message --------
>>>>>> Subject:     Invitation to Propose a Workshop or Tutorial for
>>>>>> GSDI 10
>>>>>> Date:     Wed, 23 May 2007 17:35:02 -0400
>>>>>> From:     Harlan Onsrud <onsrud at spatial.maine.edu>
>>>>>> To:     cholmes at openplans.org
>>>>>> Dear Chris,
>>>>>> GSDI 10 will be held in Trinidad 25-29 February 2008. See
>>>>>> http://gsdi.org/gsdi10
>>>>>> We are once again inviting proposals for the presentation of
>>>>>> workshops
>>>>>> on the first day of the conference. See
>>>>>> http://gsdi.org/gsdi10/workshops.html
>>>>>> Workshops this time will be offered under a slightly different
>>>>>> arrangement that we hope will attract strong attendance. We are
>>>>>> requesting workshop proposals by the end of this month so that
>>>>>> people
>>>>>> registering for the conference will be able to sign up for specific
>>>>>> workshops in advance. In this manner instructors will know the
>>>>>> number of
>>>>>> people attending their workshops and have the contact
>>>>>> information for
>>>>>> their participants in advance.
>>>>>> We highly encourage you to submit a workshop proposal. For
>>>>>> reference,
>>>>>> the description of the workshop you presented in Santiago in
>>>>>> 2006 may be
>>>>>> found at http://www.gsdi.org/gsdiconf/gsdi9/english/
>>>>>> 09_Act_Work_Sched.htm.
>>>>>> Submit your proposal on or before 1 June 2007 to onsrud at gsdi.org
>>>>>> with a
>>>>>> copy to astevens at gsdi.org. If you submit, you should have a
>>>>>> decision by
>>>>>> the evaluation committee in early June.
>>>>>> We look forward to hearing from you.
>>>>>> *The GSDI 10 Local and Regional Organizing Committee*
>>>>>> _Co-Chairs:_
>>>>>> *Jacob Opadeyi*, Centre for GeoSpatial Studies, The University
>>>>>> of the
>>>>>> West Indies, Trinidad
>>>>>> *Bheshem Ramlal*, Department of Surveying and Land Information, The
>>>>>> University of the West Indies, Trinidad
>>>>>> _Committee Members:*
>>>>>> *_*Carol Ann Albury*, National GIS Coordinator, Office of the Prime
>>>>>> Minister, Bahamas
>>>>>> *Cecille Blake*, National GIS Coordinator, Ministry of
>>>>>> Agriculture and
>>>>>> Lands, Jamaica
>>>>>> *Santiago Borrero*, Secretary General, Pan American Institute of
>>>>>> Geography and History
>>>>>> *Tatiana Delgado Fernandez*, National Commission of the SDI of the
>>>>>> Republic of Cuba
>>>>>> *Desmond Dougall*, GISCAD, Trinidad
>>>>>> *Tyrone Leong*, Director of Surveys, Surveying and Mapping
>>>>>> Division,
>>>>>> Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources, Trinidad
>>>>>> *Adolphus Ollivierre*, Lands and Surveys Department, St. Vincent
>>>>>> and the
>>>>>> Grenadines
>>>>>> *Harold Wall*, GIS Officer, Ministry of Planning and
>>>>>> Development, Trinidad
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