[Viscom-dev] [Geotunis] Francophone Tradeshow in Tunis

Yves Jacolin yjacolin at free.fr
Mon Oct 8 14:50:42 EDT 2007

Hi Viscom,

As asked by Tyler Mitchell, here is the wiki page with a provisional budget 
for the GeoTunis Trade show:

Some detail may be added. Sorry to send it really late, but I needed some time 
to find details about the budget.


Le jeudi 6 septembre 2007 01:22, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) a écrit :
> On 23-Aug-07, at 8:08 AM, Yves Jacolin wrote:
> > Do you think OSGeo could provide help with managing the financial
> > issues, such as paying booth fees, helping to defray travel costs,
> > etc.?  I will create an official wiki page soon like for the
> > Geoevenement trade show as soon as I will get more information
> > about the feasibility.
> >
> > I could give you a small and quick budget provisional if needed. We
> > will get more information from UbiFrance in September (around the
> > 5th).
> Hi Yves,
> Yes a provisional budget would be needed before we can discuss it any
> further.  At this point you can request a certain amount to support
> the show.  Then if this committee thinks it is a good idea, we will
> make the request from the board to acquire the funds.  Eventually we
> hope to have a budget for this group and plan ahead to support x
> number of events like this.
> Hope that helps,
> Tyler
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Yves Jacolin

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