[Marketing] OSGeo Booth at CGS

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Thu Apr 10 05:40:12 EDT 2008


Proposed booth to table at the California Geographical Society to 
increase market share in the academic institutions of California. This 
conference is geared more towards the Cal State, Community College and 
High School educators as opposed to the University of California (UC) 
system, so it's an area that probably hasn't had as much marketing 

Landon Blake and I will manage the table and have at least 3 additional 
volunteers to help since Chico is close to UC Davis where I've been 
running classes on OSGeo software.

The only critical deadline is to book the booth before April 15th, which 
Landon negotiated to $75. Once we get the ok, which seemed to pass at 
the April 10th irc meeting who actually makes the payment?

The wiki page contains price estimates of the supplies we'll need.

Suggestions welcome,

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