[Marketing] SVN structure

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri Jun 13 22:57:37 EDT 2008

So I went to commit my OSGeo generic business card into the svn and hit 
a snag, semantics or ontologies you could say.

Could we clarify definitions and folder structure.

Brochures - Multipage or folding pamplets
Flyers - Single page (1 or 2 sided) or quarter sheet,etc.
Logos - Images
Posters - Large format single sided
Cards - Business card size, typically printed on card stock

I'm proposing 2 new folders: Posters and Cards
I'm also proposing that we move all the current "Brochures" to Flyers 
since they are single sided non-folding. I consulted my editor and a 
dictionary to clarify the difference. If we ever make a fancy double 
sided book of all the projects that would go in Brochures.

I'm also in disagreement on ODP only formats, I was just working in OO 
and realized all the things I couldn't quite do as compared to Inkscape. 
So while I agree ODP is more accessible for simple one page flyers I 
think we should make it a recommendation as multi page brochures and 
more graphical things like Posters and Cards could be done better with 
other open tools. (Scribus and Inkscape)

Off the top of my head logos shouldn't be done in ODP, and true layer 
control makes life easier.

A few side notes, the Open Office PDF importer is not standard it's a 
beta plugin:

Inkscape can import PDF files via gs.
Scribus can use OpenOffice Docs for filling text boxes.
  - Because of this one option is to write text in ODT and simply link 
it into the Scribus doc. Then link the current images you want and walla 
the Scribus doc is now ready for output.

Last time I checked Scribus PDF output options actually worked (compress 
etc.) and Open Office did not(haven't tried 2.4 yet). It also supports 
color management and is one of the few applications that does.

PS: They are all python scriptable

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