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On Tue, June 17, 2008 06:10, Farid Azis wrote:
> Hi Arnulf
> I can provide 3 persons from my company.  What about proposal and other
> materials.
> best regards Farid

Farid, Frans,
ideally you would start by contacting the organizer and request whether
they are interested in promoting Open Source by hosting an OSGeo booth. If
they are willing to let you set up a booth you can download the OSGeo
flyers and brochures for display at the booth (they are currently
updated). I think that Marketing could fund getting a roll up banner or an
OSGeo cloth to make up a booth like this one:

Ideally you get a local sponsor, you might ask Geoff.

You would keep them for further use and if someone else in Indonesia needs
it you can ship it around locally. Obviously it does not make sense to
ship them across from Canada or Germany.

Please add a page to the OSGeo Wiki advertizing this event if you will
manage to organize it and feel free to ask back on the Marketing mailing

Best regards,

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>> Hello,
>> I received this email from Indonesia and was wandering whether someone
>> would be interested in representing OSGeo.
>> Best regards,
>> Arnulf.
>> Ref. 09-2/ASK/IGTE2008/05.08
>> Dear Fellow Geo-Spatial Professionals,
>> The geo-spatial technology market in Indonesia is currently expanding
>> and questions always arise on data Fit–for-purpose, returns on
>> investment, dependency on vendor's drive to influence choices,
>> positioning for the future and the technology directions and
>> availability.
>> Nowadays, geo-spatial information is becoming available and easier to
>> obtain Geo-spatial information users are growing and becoming daily
>> dependent on geo-spatial information. The integration of geo-spatial
>> information with demographic and socio-economic information is
>> developing into a routine technique of making decision. Many information
>> producers start developing applications in different sectors like
>> health, education, regional planning, environment, etc. Geo-spatial
>> Information is indeed an important tool for
>> making decisions. The conditions have to do with the technological
>> developments including surveying and mapping technology and information
>> and communication technology. Global Positioning System (GPS),
>> Geographical Information
>> System
>> (GIS), High-resolution Sensors, Location-based Service (LBS) and
>> Internet-based applications are technologies that make geo-spatial
>> information available and easily accessible. The significant advantage
>> of these technologies is their roles in providing geo-spatial
>> information available and easily accessible. The significant advantage
>> of these technologies is their roles in providing geo-spatial
>> information quickly and these support the production of dynamic
>> geo-spatial information. The dynamic geo-spatial information is the
>> geo-spatial information that changes over a period of time including
>> weather , flood, forest fire, traffic, etc. It related to these vast
>> developments that I am writing to you to invite and tell you about the
>> upcoming, "The 3rd Indonesian Geo-Information Technology Exhibition",
>> which is scheduled to be held from August 6th - 9th, 2008 at the Jakarta
>> Convention Center, Indonesia.
>> This year's theme will be, "Integrated Portal of Dynamic Information" .
>> This
>> theme was chosen to address problems of disseminating of dynamic
>> geo-spatial information. Compared to static geo-spatial information, the
>> dissemination of the dynamic information involves huge communication and
>> computational means for fast-sending updated information, which make the
>> current techniques infeasible for dynamic information. Based on the
>> success of web application in disseminating of the static geo-spatial
>> information, many researchers are now conducting researchers are now
>> conducting researches focusing on disseminating of dynamic information
>> and the most important thing is application for making timely online
>> decisions. The 3rd Indonesian Geo-Information Technology Exhibition will
>> show all the latest surveying and mapping technology and information and
>> communication technology as well along with business discussions,
>> leading technology presentations that will support you providing
>> geo-services to geo-spatial information user community. Should you or
>> your company wish to learn more about this event, please consult the
>> venue's website at : www.geospatial-exh.com. Or, should you wish to
>> seriously consider in exhibiting at the venue, you can just drop me  an
>> email and I will be very happy to furnish and provide you with any
>> information that you may require! When corresponding with us, please
>> quote the above reference number! Thank you for your immediate attention
>> and consideration. I will look forward to your participation at the "The
>> 3rd Indonesian Geo-Information
>> Technology Exhibition" in Jakarta this coming August 2008!
>> With kind regards,
>> On behalf of the Event Organiser and Host,
>> CEO/Director
>> Media Solutions International
>> Jalan Danau Belida C2 No. 86,Jakarta 10210-Indonesia
>> Phone: +62 21 70029005 Cell. +62 816 884962; +62 817 803925
>> Email.: msi.indo at gmail.com
>> URL. www.geospatial-exh.com
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Arnulf Christl

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