[Marketing] New draft logos

Daniele daniele at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Wed Mar 19 04:23:31 EDT 2008

venka.osgeo wrote:
> Pericles S. Nacionales wrote:
> ...
>> FWIW, I also agree with Michael on this.  We can add the "Project" 
>> and "Sponsor" texts without changing the logo.  We can't be changing 
>> logos every year--that would be very expensive and will confuse a lot 
>> of people.  I do like the new logos but, as Tyler says, is there a 
>> clear rationale for this.  Also, does the rest of OSGeo know that 
>> we're changing the logo?  This might be one of those things that 
>> could get people riled up when they see things have changed all of a 
>> sudden.
> I agree with above too. Just adding "Project" and
> "Sponsor" in some creative way
> to the existing logo would suffice.
> Venka
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Dear all,

Yes, a change in the logo can make users confused and taking into 
account that the number of Unique Visitors to OSGeo has *more than 
doubled* in the last month (look here: 
http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/KPI%27s_and_AWStat_data) it may not be an 
interesting time to change the logo, as this may be a good period for 
Branding... in the hope that these visitors will come back to OSGeo, it 
is important not to confuse them with a whole new Image... not that the 
one we have is perfect, it can definitely be improved.
But maybe... this is a good time to focus on issues such as the 
marketing _within_ the Organization (Deciding The Vision and Value 
statements for example), stepping towards a possible Marketing Plan 
_and_ aiming for *more visitors, contributors, sponsors* in a structured 
way. So that we can actually measure the return that has occurred over 
the marketing investments.


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