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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Mar 24 17:40:01 EDT 2008

I like the spiky logo, but I don't think that we should have more than one offical logo.  That's not to say that we shouldn't encourage creative treatment of our logo (the wiki page is a good idea) just that we should not use the variations on our official materials.
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On Wed, March 12, 2008 20:14, Jason Birch wrote:
> Arnulf wrote:
>> I like version 3b.
> I don't really have a vote, but I like 3b too, and would second your
> motion and +1 if I was on the committee :)

OK, so we have yet another vote for the new spiky logo.

Even although you are not on the committee officially - what do you think
of loosening our tight grip on the logo a little as proposed?

> On the other pages, I like the smaller text, left justified, and the
> thinner ring.  Specifically:
> Page 2: 1a, 2a
> Page 3: 1a, 2d, 2e, 2f
> I prefer that the inner star match the outer band colour (which would be
> a modification of 1a and 2a on page 2, and 1a on page 3), but could be
> convinced that it makes more sense for it to stay green.

I also think that the overall color should stay green.

> That GRASS logo is great, and similarly tasteful modifications of the
> OSGeo logo would be awesome to see.  However, I _really_ think that for
> brand protection we need an ND clause on our logo to prevent nasty
> derivatives.  Perhaps we could have a process to integrate creative works
> into our website somewhere?  Google does something like this:
> http://www.google.com/customlogos.html   (probably hasn't been updated
> in ages)
> But I like this one best:
> http://www.evisibility.com/blog/say-hello-to-the-new-google-bot-logo/
> Jason

So if we really want to open this up a bit what do you think of setting up
a Wiki page for people to add derivatives (this term gets me thinking that
we might want to actually 'license' the logo?). I imagine that nothing
much would happen at all. We are all busy enough and the user base might
be just slightly smaller than Google's...

Arnulf Christl
http://www.wheregroup.com <http://www.wheregroup.com/> 

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