[Marketing] Exploring opportunities for OSGEO contributions to the GSDI Regional SDI Newsletters

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Mar 27 22:47:09 EDT 2008

On 27-Mar-08, at 6:42 PM, Paul Box wrote:
> Specifically I would be interested in exploring possibility of OSGEO:
> -          Provision of a regular feature monthly/quarterly from  
> OSGEO on trends/themes/issues in your space, with pointers to  
> relevant resources
> -          Contribution of thematic features article and or op/ed  
> contributions
Dear Paul,
Sorry for not getting back to your earlier note to me - thank you for  
writing again.  I think we can help each other in some fairly  
straightforward ways.  I'm familiar with your newsletter and always  
quite impressed with the volume of information that was available to  
be shared.

Are you already familiar with the OSGeo Journal (http://osgeo.org/ 
journal)?  We just started it last year and we collect mostly  
community contributed content.  We can discuss sharing content with  
you - e.g. you could reprint articles - and we could include any  
article length pieces you have into ours.  Of course we are focused  
on open source software, but we also make room for topical/thematic  
(and even programming level) articles.  It is primarily an education  
forum and community tool for keeping people up to date.

Obviously some SDI focused thematic articles would be more than  
welcome in the Journal.

One thing that I also am aiming for with the Journal is to have a  
more "newsletter" feel for certain parts.  This would be more along  
the line of your quarterly update on "trends/themes/issues" idea.   
This hasn't been done, simply due to lack of writers, but it is  
becoming more important so I will be trying to seriously make it happen.

Do you think this would suit your needs?  Any common concepts you see  
would be welcome.


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