[Marketing] Handouts for Conferences

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri May 2 01:03:41 EDT 2008

Handouts have been queued and will be picked up in Chico tomorrow
evening. We ended up making a crazy formula for how many of each to
print based on our perceived interest from crowd, our own expertise and
the coolness factor of the flyers.(About 350pgs total, but less if you
count them as a stack, all extras will be returned to UCD for some OsGeo

Budget and more details are on the wiki page.

Oh and the tshirts and hats are in my possesion along with the banner so
we're ready to go.

I'll be committing back a nifty new business card we made that has the
logo/slogan/url and the project list on it.


Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
> Hi guys,
> The one thing I've learned from several events is that it could work out
> a lot better if you have a "package" of brochures for passers-by (e.g.
> all brochures stapled together)...  Once we got over 10 projects it was
> unwieldy to put each individual brochures all out on the table :)  It
> was productive to start discussions and to see which projects were most
> "popular" to take.  However, volunteers spent lots of their time
> grabbing a copy of each one and make a stack for the people.  Having a
> package means you can print double-sided too and reduce the paper you
> are carrying around.
> The one thing that the package really needs is a cover sheet though, so
> people don't look at the first project and think the whole package is
> about that one :)
> Hope it helps,
> Tyler
> On 30-Apr-08, at 9:12 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> Alex Mandel wrote:
>>> M Team,
>>> I was poking around at http://www.osgeo.org/visibility and trying to
>>> figure out what and how many to print for the CGS conference this
>>> weekend. First, I'd like to suggest that a link this page be more
>>> prominent and easily located. I had to search google/osgeo in order
>>> to find it.
>> Yes, my bad. I never followed up with cleaning and ordering the
>> related pages. We should dedicate an IRC meeting and a few mails up
>> front on this list discussing options and then assign tasks. We are
>> not really good at this yet. Means that we have lots of potential to
>> improve. :-)
>>> Also I wanted to see if anyone had any newer material or the editable
>>> files for the v2 handouts.
>> We have them and I guess Tyler has a set and maybe mpg. Again - this
>> is not really too well organized. But since recently we also have an
>> SVN in place and should probably simply upload whatever we have there
>> so that we can sort out whats good and what needs an update:
>> http://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/ (this is all of OSGeo, click on marketing,
>> for our folder). Ask SAC to become a contributor.
>> Thoughts?
>>> We could use some help figuring out what and how many of each to print.
>>> We're open to ideas http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/CGS_2008
>> A quick scan of the web site did not tell me anything on the expected
>> number of attendees. It depends a lot on the type of event. Prepare to
>> distribute 10% of 20% of the number of attendees at smaller events
>> (<1000). Depending on the scope of the conference you will see more or
>> less interest for different projects OpenLayers/MapBuilder/Mapbender
>> if its Web 2.0 folks, GRASS if its more scientific and analysis, OSSIM
>> if its 3D building / architecture and 3D enthusiasts, GeoNetwork if
>> its all highlevel public administration and so on.
>> Thinking backwards - how many people can potentially pass by your
>> booth and which projects do you favor? To how many can you actually
>> talk - and then give them the appropriate selection of brochures
>> individually?
>> Double numbers for the general OSGeo flyer, it is the most gerenic and
>> good starting point for anybody. Once they end up on the OSGeo web
>> site or Wiki our job is done.
>> If you have some good soap box talks up the sleeve and there are 1000
>> or more attendees plan for more. At larger events it depends a lot on
>> how exposed your booth is. This is influenced by the location of the
>> catering, number and duration of pauses, general interest of the
>> attendees, immediate interest triggered by talks and so on.
>> Generally for updates of the brochures: We try to keep the brochures
>> generic so that they last some time so that if you have ordered and
>> printed in excess you can distribute them elsewhere.
>> At a later stage we might want to bind the brochures or gather them in
>> a portfolio so that people only have to pick up one to get all. It
>> could be done centrally in off set print and large numbers. But this
>> is a larger issue, very much at an idea stage yet and needs us have a
>> look at our budget.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Arnulf.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Alex
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