[Marketing] extending the logo to a local chapter

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 05:22:35 EST 2009

The Australian New Zealand group ran an email thread to generate their 
own logo (however the selected entry took visual queues on the 
pre-change osgeo logo since I was out of the loop and did not expect a 
new logo to emerge).

As such I would like to extend the list of questions to include:
- can we mirror the color selection / font used for the osgeo logo

I also found that the font documented for the osgeo logo did not match 
up visually on my computer when the aust-nz logo was created. Probably a 
cross platform issue but there it is.


Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
> in the last meeting of the Board of the Spanish Local chapter 
> (board-es), we've focused on the need for a logo.
> we have started a good number of initiative and we need to show a 
> little bit of branding.
> Our idea is to have a variant of OSGeo logo like: "OSGeo-es" and to 
> translate or change "your open source compass".
> We think that literal translation could result hilarious.
> I've been talking about it with Jeroen in Valencia at the beginning of 
> December.
> Jeroen said that it is technically easy but would make sense to open 
> the debate to make things properly.
> I do agree.
> as official local chapter, questions are:
> - can we use the logo?
> - can we extend it?
> - car we change the "compass" phrase?
> best regards
> Lorenzo
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