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Marc Vloemans marcvloemans at b3partners.nl
Tue Jan 6 05:03:46 EST 2009

Hi Lorenzo and others,

As B3Partners we have recently written a 94 page introduction/booklet on open source and GIS in Dutch for the Netherlands under Creative Commons 3. We are working on a second print of around 800 to be issued in the Netherlands in Q1 this year. With some localization/translation/adaptation it could be used for general marketing/OSGeo purposes in various languages.
Exemple of topics: what are open source/openstandards, who are behind it, what is GIS, what is Open GIS, what types of usage, who are suppliers and governing bodies, what are major applications, what are trends and developments in the sector, what about the financial side of things. Mind you; it is not - I repeat not - a technical discourse as it is meant for the total DMU (decision making unit).

In case somebody is interested, please contact me directly in order to see how our general introduction can be helpful for future market development.


Marc Vloemans
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