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Marc Vloemans marcvloemans at b3partners.nl
Fri Jan 16 12:21:03 EST 2009


Regarding your comment about an introduction to open source (and also other open GIS related topics e.a. financial benefits etc), I intend to put my recent Dutch 94-page publication 'Open Source Inside' on the Wiki. Various members of this list have promised to help me translate it piece-meal from Dutch to (acceptable) English.

I am finding to time to cut 'n' paste the relevant chapters into a OSGeo Wikipage, so individuals can translate different parts and review translated bits. The idea was to put each chapter/alinea into a box. The box next to it would provide the English version, the translator and date of work done. I am not a Wiki-champ, so perhaps you could provide me with advice how to make such boxes in the OSGeo Wiki?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Marc Vloemans
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