[Marketing] Re: Content for the website design project

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jan 16 12:38:40 EST 2009

Marc Vloemans wrote:
> The idea was to put each chapter/alinea into a box. The 
> box next to it would provide the English version, the translator and 
> date of work done. I am not a Wiki-champ, so perhaps you could provide 
> me with advice how to make such boxes in the OSGeo Wiki?


I'm afraid I'm not the most savvy wiki guy either!  But I would like
to advise against doing it exactly this way.  In my opinion boxes add a lot
of extra structure cruft in the wiki text making it quite a bit hard for
people to drop in and edit bits.

If you wanted an example of boxes, you could look at the main page which
Markus has invested the time in "boxing" to get a nice structure.  But it
does make editing somewhat harder.

I would suggest just creating two pages - one in English and one in Dutch -
for each major section (perhaps Chapter?) and try to ensure that the
subsection titles are easily related.  Then folks can put two browser windows
side by side and edit as needed.

I'm looking forward to the translation of your document!

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