[Marketing] Local Chapter and fundation representation

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jul 6 11:21:53 EDT 2009

Jacolin Yves wrote:
> # Sponsorship
> The Californian LC "want to collect sponsorships, or at least get sponsors to 
> help shares costs for events." [3], the OSGeo-fr LC aims to get some funds by 
> this way as well. We already have some contact but our sponsorship process is 
> still a draft document.
> What are the possibility for LC to get funds without create issue for OSGeo? 
> How can we create a process which could allow local sponsor to move up to 
> sponsor OSGeo fundation later? Finally, what is the allowance?


I think it is entirely appropriate for local chapters to seek sponsorship from
organizations in their area of activity.  From my perspective my main concern
would be that local chapters make it clear that the money is being managed
at the local chapter level - not by the OSGeo Foundation, and I think that
local chapters who do handle money need to take responsibility for their
own financial accountability.  This should, I think, include some sort of
annual finacial report listing income and expenses so people can understand
what is happening with the money.

I think it might also be reasonable for local chapters who are serious about
collecting sponsorship, and who have "sponsorship web pages" to be listed on:


though I can imagine there might need to be some further discussion before
this would happen.

I would appreciate it if those seeking sponsorships for local chapters also
make potential sponsors aware of some of the other sponsorship options so the
sponsor can pick the approach that best fits their objectives.  I do think
local sponsorship can be attractive to many organizations.

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