[Marketing] OSGeo Branding ...end of the road?

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Fri Jul 17 00:23:22 EDT 2009

Thanks for ping on this Jody,

Just a quick note regarding the branding.. yes, still open.  I have some 
emails from designer that I have to deal with as well.  Part of that is 
a guideline doc and overview.  I'm behind on this for sure.

After wrapping up the marketing materials I'd like to turn our sites to 
the other design ideas, etc. - in particular the website ideas that have 
been kicked around for a while in a few places and ways.  As part of 
that I hope we'll have more discussion and comparison of mock-ups, 
samples, ideas, etc.  We had a great meeting a few months back 
(January??) on some of this.

Daniele did you get much feedback on your questions back then?  Jody, do 
you have any specific questions you'd like feedback on?  I did like your 
  current layout :)  But I'm sure the "new" one will be great too. 
Though I see what you were trying to accomplish, maybe we're putting 
cart before horse - talking about overall project site branding when our 
own 'main' one isn't solidified?

Anyway, this is quick braindump before bed - hope I can follow up 
further in the morning.


Jody Garnett wrote:
> Marketing:
> I have been pushing to improve the use of the OSGeo branding on the
> organization website - and have gotten little response. I have had the
> geotools website done up according to what I could figure out:
> - http://www.geotools.org/
> That experiment is now at an end (feedback was that the crop circle
> background was too crazy for a website; and that there was no sense
> using the branding if OSGeo was not into the game). As such we are
> going to move over to the following work in progress:
> - http://test.geotools.org/
> In the course of this I have identified several items needing attention:
> - we need to update the OSGeo Logo usage pdf (to reflect font and Color choices)
> - the branding materials should follow the usage pdf; we should hunt
> down the name of the fonts actually used etc
> I think all my design process emails were sent to this list; if anyone
> has any questions let me know.
> Jody
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