[Marketing] guidelines to change/combine the OSGeo-Logo into localchapter Logos

Marco Lechner - FOSSGIS e.V. marco.lechner at fossgis.de
Tue Jun 2 08:52:14 EDT 2009

Dear marketing-committee, dear Tyler and Arnulf,

referencing the meeting of the marketing-committee from january ([1-4])
the FOSSGIS e.V. who represents german language OSGeo local chapter
D-A-CH created a new logo for the FOSSGIS association itself including
the function of representing OSGeo in the german language countries.
IMHO the guidelines for local chapters are still not fixed and that
brings us in a little problem. Unlike the other local chapters we had to
change the colors of the OSGeo-Logo elements to fit our logo [0]. The
main color of the FOSSGIS/OSGeo D-A-CH is a specific orange, referencing
on the big and significant FOSSGIS-conference hosted by OSGeo lc D-A-CH
since years (even before FOSSGIS e.V. officially became an OSGeo local
chapter). The logo of the OSGeo lc D-A-CH was chosen by a contest and
therfore came out to be integrative - bringing together the tradition of
FOSSGIS e.V. (fka GAV e.V.), OSGeo and the FOSSGIS-conference. the whole
contest was transparent all the time and surely tracked by Arnulf and
other german OSGeo activists.
Before we start producing a bunch of marketing stuff (banners, roll-ups,
flyers, ...) I want to be clear that the usage of the logo will be
declared compatible with our function of representing the OSGeo in D, A
& CH.

An early reply will oblige

Marco Lechner

Marketing-Committee OSGeo lc D-A-CH
Vizepresident FOSSGIS e.V.

[0] http://www.fossgis.de/w/images/e/e8/FOSSGIS_RGB_200x680.png
[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Marketing_Meeting_2009.01.15#Agenda
[2] http://logs.qgis.org/osgeo/%23osgeo.2009-01-14.log
[3] http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/marketing/2009-January/002104.html
[4] http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/marketing/2009-January/002129.html

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