[Marketing] OSGeo benefits

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Thu Apr 29 13:08:46 EDT 2010

Jo Walsh wrote:
> dear all, unsent mail...
> On 27/04/2010 18:51, Alex Mandel wrote:
>> In addition to the dual vendor idea I usually add this explanation.
>> You could spend your money on 5 licenses for a big tool that might do
>> what you want or you could spend the money on a developer/support to
>> make the tool you need and use it on as many computers as you need.
>> It's not always a pure cost savings but a shift in the allocation of
>> money in a way that makes you work more efficiently and ensure 100%
>> support for all issues but without the risk of having to write
>> completely in house software(meaning there are plenty of people around
>> the world you could hire at any moment to do the work for you).
> "Invest in your people, not in your suppliers" - but that doesn't
> reflect the caveats and complexities. Not easy to do that in bullet points!
> Maybe a buying vs renting a house analogy?
> cheers,
> jo
Hiring your own contractor to renovate/maintain rather than relying on
your slum lord to fix things when they break(when they feel like it).


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