[Marketing] Re: What is OSGeoLive's relationship with OSGeo?

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Mon Aug 30 19:59:35 EDT 2010

> "While OSGeoLive shares the same ideals, is run by the same 
> volunteer,s and creates marketing material on behalf, of the OSGeo 
> Foundation, it is a separate project and doesn't represent the OSGeo 
> Foundation."
I was thinking more along a general description line than a formal/legal 
approach.  Something along the lines of: "OSGeo Live is a project of the 
OSGeo Foundation, producing a high quality, well documented set of 
software ready to run from a bootable disk medium.... including OSGeo 
software and much more.. etc.."  Your statement is true as well but I 
think you could clarify things without having to explicitly say what the 
project is not.  Just a thought.

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