[Marketing] Re: [Live-demo] Renaming the LiveGIS Disc as OSGeo-Live

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 06:32:15 EDT 2010

On 26/03/2010, at 6:35 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:

> OSGeo Marketing and OSGeo Board,
> Us LiveDVD packagers are looking to rename our packaging project and the Disc that we distribute as "OSGeo-Live", accessable at http://live.osgeo.org
> Before we lay claim to this name, I'd like to give the OSGeo Marketing Committee and OSGeo Board the opportunity to raise any concerns with our use of the "OSGeo" name, and if objections are strong enough, we can pick a different name.
> So please speak up now if you have a concern, or objection.
> Otherwise vote positively to: "Should the LiveDVD be renamed as "OSGeo-Live"?
> +1 Cameron, LiveDVD group, Marketing committee member.
> As background:
> * The Live DVD packages up many of the OSGeo projects on a liveDVD, as well as other Open Source GeoSpatial applications.
> * We will likely encourage projects to at least join OSGeo Labs, but this will likely not be enforced in the short term. So we will have packages on the disc which are not associated with OSGeo.
> * Our focus to date has been on providing a DVD for conferences (most notably FOSS4G)
> * In future there will likely be other focuses for the DVD, or derivitives of it, which focus on training material, documentation, specific project(s) distributions.

If the dvd is using the osgeo name I would like it to also use the osgeo branding; while it is attractive for conference organisers to dress up the dvd for their specific conference this is also a great opportunity to promote osgeo.
Another idea is for the live dvd project to enter incubation when it feels its process and community are up to the task.

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