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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 15:27:39 EDT 2010

Jody Garnett wrote:
> If the dvd is using the osgeo name I would like it to also use the 
> osgeo branding; while it is attractive for conference organisers to 
> dress up the dvd for their specific conference this is also a great 
> opportunity to promote osgeo.
> Another idea is for the live dvd project to enter incubation when it 
> feels its process and community are up to the task.
> Jody

I'm in favour of  putting guidelines in place which encourage 
co-branding. There will always be a cost associated with printing DVDs, 
so we will always be looking for a sponsor to pay for the printing. This 
sponsor should be able to put their logo on the DVD (otherwise we 
probably won't get the DVD printed in the first place).

OSGeo should always be included in the branded message as well. (Without 
the effort of the OSGeo community, the LiveDVD wouldn't exist).

The question then comes down to "How strongly do we want to mandate that 
OSGeo is branded on the DVD?"

* Do we request that the OSGeo logo is included in some form?

* Do we specify minimum area of marketing allocated to OSGeo?

* Do we protect by copyright? (This will be tricky to achieve, as our 
LGPL licence for build scripts is owned by multiple individuals).

* How viral do we want to be with our marketing guidelines? Do we want 
to enforce our marketing onto derivative works?
In particular, I see that is likely the LiveDVD build process will be 
incorporated into the development of GIS training material, and then 
possibly in the development of non-gis training material by Education 

My suggestion is that we put guidelines in place for marketing use, 
which we don't enforce by copyright (mainly because it would be 
difficult to set up the legal pre-conditions, and also because we don't 
need to push GeoSpatial marketing onto non-GeoSpatial LiveDVD packaging 

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