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On 10.11.2011 05:43, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> On 11-11-09 07:39 PM, Jody Garnett wrote:
>> Hi Frank:
>> Yes I did; figured I created the OSGeo thread on google wave; I may as
>> well try
>> my luck with google+.
>> There is some evidence that several people can manage a page; but I
>> have not
>> found a volunteer to try that on. Do you mind if I try that with your
>> google+ id?
> Jody,
> Yes, please do.
>> - My thought was to have the page follow "charter members" and call it
>> day.
> For me it is an anti-goal to give special treatment to charter members
> beyond their role as a group of voters.  I feel that it denigrates other
> volunteers/members.  So I'd prefer we be more permissive.
> However, I do not understand the point of the OSGeo page "following"
> people.
> Does this allow their posts to show up on the OSGeo page?  Or is it just
> that
> it makes them visible as associated with OSGeo?
>> - The Pages such as OSGeo do list their followers; which is half the
>> fun of
>> people following a page like OSGeo.
>> Thus far I spent ages trying to find (and then finally create) a
>> square OSGeo
>> logo; uploaded a few pictures; and filled in links to the website etc...
>> - https://plus.google.com/101749668136525815391/about
>> There are requests by google to cross link this post to our website
>> with a
>> goggle+ badge
>> (http://www.google.com/support/plus/bin/answer.py?hl=en&p=direct_connect&answer=1711199).
>> However the expected functionality (type "+Open Source Geospatial
>> Foundation')
>> already works so I cannot see the value.
> I was contemplating doing that but hesitated unless we do similar things
> for other social media.  I don't want it to be perceived that OSGeo is
> overly pro-Google - particularly not when it would be a conflict of
> interest for me - at least in theory.  But I do think it makes sense to
> promote association with OSGeo via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin
> on the main OSGeo page as broader "social" strategy.
> I really wish we could have one Google+ page which responded to both
> +OSGeo and +Open Source Geospatial Foundation, but I presume that is not
> possible.
> Best regards,

...which is why I love Wikis:

#redirect[[Open Source Geospatial Foundation]]

It could be so simple.

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