[Marketing] Status of the Marketing Committee

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
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> Straight forward answers are appreciated.

(1) I think much of this can be pushed down to the local chapters (LCs), with the only things staying at the "central node" of the hive would be things like maintaining a library of current collateral; this should be volunteer driven.  Is there any need for dealing with physical objects, e.g. I don't see shipping of booth materials listed below?

(2) I'd like to see a set of guidelines put together for LCs to use to request funds (similar to what I did for code sprints), and delegate a small team to review & approve such requests.  (Such a team would likely have one board member and two volunteers.)

(3) In my slowly-clarifying view of how OSGeo could operate, I'd like to see the Marketing Committee be able to simply go away.

(4) If we as a board decide to take on paid staff for strategic issues (as opposed to admin stuff), then those people would own marketing functions.


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> Folks,
> how do you feel about this committee? Straight forward answers are
> appreciated.
> Then, please excuse the longish mail but there are some things that need
> to get tackled by someone - the best fit seems to be the Marketing
> Committee.
> Are we going to be able to fill out the role that Tyler wants to give
> up? He sent a list of things that he wants to hand off a month ago but
> there was just one mail in response. Therefore I copied the points here
> again for reference and will comment on some of them. Please keep in
> mind that all the points listed here were so far managed by a fraction
> of a full time job, Tyler had lots of other things on his plate too. We
> should be able to get Marketing up and functional easily by sharing
> tasks between several people. Each of us will not need more than an hour
> or two per week to do this. But we do need some commitment, so please
> step up if any of the following resonates with you. Maybe you also want
> to post something on Discuss to attract new committee members.
> - - Committee
>     Chair Marketing Committee, plan meetings
> - -> this is an honorable job and requires little work. If I were younger
> and less overloaded I would jump the chance to take over this role. It
> also gives your profile a kick and opens doors to events which would
> otherwise be either closed or costly. Marketing also has a budget for
> travel which can be spent by Marketing. The next OSGeo budget is
> developing now, so this is the right time to request for money.
>     Identify priorities - events, material
> - -> increasingly this has been taken over by the Local Chapters.
> Marketing focuses more on the global perspective balancing interest and
> energy spent on different events and serving as hub to mediate dates of
> events to avoid overlap.
>     Coordinate with volunteers
>     Design and host material
>     Coordinate with designers as required
>     Coordinate printing, shipment, payment of material for events
> - -> thanks to Tyler we have a good set of material now. Printing and
> maintaing this material is increasingly a globalized thing meaning that
> we think globally but act (print, ship, etc.) locally. The German local
> chapter FOSSGIS for example manages trade fair brochures all on it's own
> including searching for sponsors to print things.
>     Maximizing OSGeo benefit from all events we are at
>     Prioritising event related spending
> - - Events
>     Help coordinate OSGeo's presence at events
>     Speak as the OSGeo rep/contact
> - -> At a recent Board Meeting we decided to create a new role called
> "OSGeo Ambassador". It is yet to be more clearly defined but it gives
> credibility to speakers and access to events otherwise not reachable
> (see also committee chair benefits). Currently Daniel Morissette and
> myself manage spending of travel money required to do this. We could
> transfer this responsibility to the Marketing Committee if there is
> interest and commitment.
>     Plan OSGeo booth - material, manpower
>     Coordinate presentations for events
> - -> There are lots of good presentations available, including generic
> OSGeo introductions. Cleaning up and focusing will help people to find
> the right one.
>     Plan special meetings with stakeholders
> - -> I am not sure what this exactly is. Tyler, could you expand on this
> giving examples?
>     Help FOSS4G chair
>     Serve on FOSS4G LOC
>     Drive sponsors to FOSS4G
> - -> these three tasks mainly relate to the global FOSS4G conference and
> belong to the conference committee.
>     Get OSGeo sponsorship needs in front of many eyes
> - -> Well, yes - the need is clearly seen but that did not really get us
> very far. And again - I do not believe that this is a primary task for
> the Marketing committee.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf
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