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Jo Cook jocook at astuntechnology.com
Fri Nov 11 04:30:55 EST 2011

My two cents on the Marketing Committee, from the perspective of the local

> (1) I think much of this can be pushed down to the local chapters (LCs),
> with the only things staying at the "central node" of the hive would be
> things like maintaining a library of current collateral; this should be
> volunteer driven.  Is there any need for dealing with physical objects,
> e.g. I don't see shipping of booth materials listed below?

Local chapters *do* need someone or some people that they can go to for
help with marketing- be that getting the keys to the svn to download the
marketing material, or finding out about the hubcast account. Sure, we can
then actually sort everything else out ourselves, but we need guidelines
and someone to liaise with. However... in the UK- our contact has pretty
much always been Tyler rather than the committee, so there's definitely
room for change in how things work.

> (2) I'd like to see a set of guidelines put together for LCs to use to
> request funds (similar to what I did for code sprints), and delegate a
> small team to review & approve such requests.  (Such a team would likely
> have one board member and two volunteers.)

I don't think that this should be in the remit of the marketing committee.

> (3) In my slowly-clarifying view of how OSGeo could operate, I'd like to
> see the Marketing Committee be able to simply go away.

See above- I disagree

> (4) If we as a board decide to take on paid staff for strategic issues (as
> opposed to admin stuff), then those people would own marketing functions.
> Again, I think there are two entirely separate issues here. Marketing is
not necessarily strategic and people who are good at one are not
necessarily good at the other. Marketing can be volunteer driven imho.

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