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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 01:37:06 PDT 2012


I am considering mixing things up with the incubation committee (on Monday's meeting). As such I would like to have a quick sanity check with the Marketting committee …. as I am sorry to say the idea involves asking for your help!

We have had a number of really good project waiting (sometimes years) for a volunteer to mentor them. I am thinking of introducing a couple new stages to incubation, in order to allow the OSGeo Foundation to foster these projects despite the limited capabilities of the incubation committees.

What this means for Marketting?

It means that there would be more projects (yay!) who would need help filling out the "Project Status" information section of incubation. This project status information is in part collected for the Marketting committee, so the website and marketing materials can be filled in correctly.

Q1: If we had more projects in the mix could we send them to this email list for help filling in this "status" information used to establishing their web presence at OSGeo?  

Q2: Would like to promote these projects as part of the wider OSGeo marketing effort?

I will leave this committee to think about … and if you wish I can attend the next Marketing meeting. Personally I would hold off until a project has completed its provenance review (so we are sure they are responsibility distributing code and won't get us into trouble). Indeed if that was policy it would go a long way towards motivating the completion of that step.  

Jody Garnett

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