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I think the most valuable Marketing pipeline OSGeo currently offers is 
the OSGeo-Live DVD, which includes an "OSGeo" icon, an "OSGeo - Project 
in Incubation" icon, or no icon depending on the level of incubation for 
each project.

This only partially addresses your marketing concerns, but I don't think 
we should be changing things.

On 22/09/12 18:37, Jody Garnett wrote:
> Afternoon:
> I am considering mixing things up with the incubation committee (on 
> Monday's meeting). As such I would like to have a quick sanity check 
> with the Marketting committee .... as I am sorry to say the idea 
> involves asking for your help!
> We have had a number of really good project waiting (sometimes years) 
> for a volunteer to mentor them. I am thinking of introducing a couple 
> new stages to incubation, in order to allow the OSGeo Foundation to 
> foster these projects despite the limited capabilities of the 
> incubation committees.
> What this means for Marketting?
> It means that there would be more projects (yay!) who would need help 
> filling out the "Project Status" information section of incubation. 
> This project status information is in part collected for the 
> Marketting committee, so the website and marketing materials can be 
> filled in correctly.
> Q1: If we had more projects in the mix could we send them to this 
> email list for help filling in this "status" information used to 
> establishing their web presence at OSGeo?
> Q2: Would like to promote these projects as part of the wider OSGeo 
> marketing effort?
> I will leave this committee to think about ... and if you wish I can 
> attend the next Marketing meeting. Personally I would hold off until a 
> project has completed its provenance review (so we are sure they are 
> responsibility distributing code and won't get us into trouble). 
> Indeed if that was policy it would go a long way towards motivating 
> the completion of that step.
> -- 
> Jody Garnett
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