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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 01:15:03 PDT 2014

Hi Shaun,
Great to hear from you.

The answer is technically yes, but logistics are a bit of challenge.

1. If I had a t-shirt handy, I'd send one to you, but I don't.

2. The OSGeo Marketing committee has mandate to process requests such as 
these, but suffers from a lack of a volunteer prepared to process such 
requests. In particular, we probably need to set an ebay shop or 
similar, which OSGeo material (such as shirts and OSGeo-Live USBs), 
which people such as yourself can order. And we need a volunteer to 
coordinate the allocation of marketing funds, and tracking of spending.

So if you know of someone (you?) who can help out with (2), then getting 
a t-shirt and other goodies shouldn't be a problem.

Feel free to CC this to the OSGeo Marketing committee 
marketing at lists.osgeo.org, where you might get a better answer.

On another note, with all this OSGeo Advocacy you are doing, you should 
register as an OSGeo Advocate:

and would be good to also add your upcoming event to:

On 21/10/2014 2:50 pm, S Kolo wrote:
> Cameron,
> Hey mate. Hows things going ?
> I've been accepted to do a small presentation at GIS Day in mid November.
> I'll present the QGIS version of a Wallaby counting exercise 
> (polulation index) that our Rocky office folk did.
> We also have a desk we can plonk ourselves on at QUT so I'll be able 
> to present and talk to people as they wander by. I'll use the Open GIS 
> software LIVE DVD and a few other bits and pieces.
> I was wondering if there was any chance of getting hold of a Tshirt 
> from OSGeo (or similar) please ?
> Cheers,
> Shaun

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